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Tomlinson and Emma Johnson built their family home for $10,000 in 1888.  In today's dollars, the house that would eventually become Amethyst Garden, would have cost $270,000. For what we would consider a modest price, they were able to build a grand three level home with an attic on a one-and-a- half sized lot. In addition, they outfitted their home with twelve fireplaces, large sliding doors, heart pine floors, and an intricately carved wooden staircase in its foyer. The couple owned the house for 14 years before selling it in 1901.



In 2015, looking for the hotel of his dreams, the current owner John Ranivand fell in love with the Amethyst Garden.  He was captivated by the unrivaled location, the proportions of its Victorian façade, the harmony of its interior spaces, and the building's history.


The following year, making it a point of pride to bring the Amethyst Garden to today's glorious state. the current owner undertook a complete renovation. The hotel was modernized and beautifully decorated. Elegant materials and shimmering colors create an intimate universe where every bedroom and each room has its own distinctive character.  Fine antique furnishings form a perfect harmony with original period paintings (Jean-Honoré Fragonard), and hand-picked  objects of art (crystal, bronze sconces and chandeliers).



The house changed hands many times until it was purchased by Evelina Carpenter in 1940 and turned into a boarding house. The men lived on the upper floors and the women on the lower floors. The home was sold to Charles and Jean Soderland in 1975. They placed the home under an historic easement and spent $75,000 to remodel the home. A time capsule left by the couple contained a signed letter, floor plans, a Coke bottle, Time Magazine and a newspaper. Possibly because the home was too large for a single occupant during the early 1990’s it was split into apartments. In 1997 it was purchased by Jane and Richard Reed and began its life as a Bed and Breakfast.



A Private Inn

Today it is the Innkeeper / hostess Chemise, who does the utmost to ensure that the Amethyst Garden conserves its unique style and family atmosphere. Every year, Amethyst Garden is referenced among the finest Inns in America. It is recognized as of the preferred places to stay in Savannah for visitors in search of authenticity.



After breakfast, relax in our fabulous living room— a perfect place to meet with friends and other guests at the Inn to share travel stories. Or, you can simply enjoy quiet moments, relaxing on one of our charming porches overlooking the garden, filled with flowers, and a cherubic water fountain and more….


To maintain the tranquil ambiance at Amethyst Garden, guest rooms are free of telephones or televisions. Free wi-fi is available in all rooms and common areas.

Parking is available onsite and adjacent streets.



Breakfast service is now available for guests who stay April 16, 2021 and beyond.

Enjoy Southern style home made breakfast in our dining room family style each morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Our breakfast buffet features homemade granola or oatmeal, an assortment of breakfast breads and muffins, yogurt, and juice. A first course of seasonal fruit is served followed by a full gourmet breakfast.


• Fresh Fruit-Stuffed French Toast

• Creamy Georgia grits

• Maple-cured bacon or smoked sausage

• Fluffy southern-style biscuits

• Asiago-cheese-bread



• Potato and Broccoli Casserole

• Bacon quiche

• Chili egg dish

• Peach Bread Pudding

• Spinach soufflé..


• Pear cobbler

• Triple Berry Cake

• Berry cobbler

• Other seasonal selections

Amethyst Garden 

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