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A Private Inn

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Amethyst Garden 

Appearances can be deceiving-- hidden behind a discreet and understated entrance lies one of the most romantic Victorian homes in Savannah. ​The hotel's history only serves to enhance its character. Amethyst Garden is a former private mansion built in 1885, now fully restored, exquisitely decorated, and lavishly furnished. Each room and suite is exquisitely appointed with elegant period pieces and original artworks for a Southern Victorian experience. The owners of the hotel wished to preserve the special atmosphere of a family home. ​


A Beautiful Victorian Gem in the Historic District of Savannah

We invite you to indulge a few days in an authentic Savannah Inn.

The Amethyst Garden located in the historic district of Savannah just a short stroll away from the Forsyth Park in a lovely quiet part of town. Walking distance of the best of Savannah's historic sites. 


A Historic Home

- Savannah Georgia -

The building that is now Amethyst Garden was part of Wesley Ward, and its original address was 48 E. Gaston. The stately single-family home was originally built in 1888 for Tomlinson F. Johnson.


Tomlinson and Emma Johnson built their family home for $10,000 in 1888. They would have spent a little over $270,000 in modern times considering inflation. For what we would consider a modest price, they were able to build a grand three level home with an attic on a one and a half sized lot. As well as outfit their home with twelve fireplaces, large sliding doors, heart pine floors, and an intricately carved wooden staircase in its foyer. The couple owned the house for 14 years before selling it in 1901. 




Enjoy Southern-style homemade breakfast in our dining room family style each morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Our breakfast buffet features homemade granola or oatmeal, an assortment of breakfast bread and muffins, yogurt, and juice. A first course of seasonal fruit is served followed by a full gourmet breakfast.


• Fresh Fruit-Stuffed French Toast

• Creamy Georgia grits

• Maple-cured bacon or smoked sausage

• Fluffy southern-style biscuits

• Asiago-cheese-bread



• Potato and Broccoli Casserole

• Bacon quiche

• Chili egg dish

• Peach Bread Pudding

• Spinach soufflé..


• Pear cobbler

• Triple Berry Cake

• Berry cobbler

• Other seasonal selections

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